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Designed for optimum speed and performance, Windows 7 operating system is powered by advanced features and applications. Windows 7 offers taskbar customization options, improved Start menu, and several performance enhancements to enrich your computing experience, thus helping you execute your tasks at a much faster pace.
Browse through our website to get a better understanding of all the features and benefits of installing Windows 7 operating system on your computer. We also provide you useful tips and guidelines to improve the speed and performance of your operating system. Our tips and tricks can help you setup, install, and customize your Windows 7 operating system as per your desires. However, if you are still facing issues, then get in touch with iYogi Certified Technicians at 1877-466-7165 and get comprehensive tech support to ensure the complete maintenance and optimization of your Windows 7 operating system at the comfort of your home or office.

  • Download Free Weather Gadgets for Windows 7
    Very few people in this world have the luxury to sit in front of their television sets and get all the latest updates about weather forecasts. But for the rest of you, who feel pressed for time to know about…
  • Beneficial Features of Windows® 7 Sidebar
    Useful features of Windows 7 Sidebar The Windows sidebar debuted on Windows Vista. It is a panel on the right hand side of the screen where gadgets and mini applications are stored. The most common items that people have in&hel...
Customize Your Desktop with Rainmeter
You can customize Windows 7 PC desktop with a Rainmeter skin. Rainmeter is a free program, which can be installed on Windows 7 PC to act as a desktop gadget or a tiny widget which floats on the screen.
Network Setup Wizard in Windows® 7
Write about the Network Setup Wizard and its features in Windows 7. Discuss the issues that come up while using it. Network Setup Wizard in Windows 7 is a utility that helps in setting up a network connection. It is…
5 Windows 7 animated wallpapers to liven up your desktop
You can pick from easy-to-use and apply Windows 7 wallpapers to set them according to your preferences. For Windows 7, you can choose from Holidays and Seasons, Space Dust 3d Wallpaper, Animated Clock Wallpaper, etc.
Fix Windows® 7 Update Error 8000FFFF
Update Error 8000FFFF in Windows 7 occurs when Windows registry values blocks the update from being downloaded and installed. You can fix Windows 7 Update Error 8000FFFF manually or by resolving issues with Windows Update.
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