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Windows® 7 Pros And Cons

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Windows 7 Pros And ConsPros and Cons of substituting any other operating system with Windows 7

Windows 7, the latest operating system from Microsoft has been laden with some of the most impressive features. But with all its pros, you need to contend with some of the significant cons of the system too. After all, there is a multitude of opinions out there regarding whether one should upgrade to the Windows 7 operating system or not, and that is why, studying Windows 7 pros and cons has its own importance. With a plethora of new and advanced features, a few have been missing too, because of which making the right decision may become a little difficult for you. So, lets see what are the pros and cons of Windows 7 and whether we should switch over to it from our older Windows operating system or not.

Pros of Windows 7
Visual features: First of all, Windows 7 operating system is more visually appealing, right from wallpapers and icons to no sidebar. Unlike Windows Vista and Windows XP which scatter your information all over the system, Windows 7 minimizes shrill impositions by funneling most of the interactions through its Action Center. Instead of annoying pop ups, you will get all the alerts as a flag near the clock.

Security system: The security features of Windows 7 are less intrusive and stronger. Instead of User Account Control of Vista, the one in Windows 7 is reined in and clipped. Security is not that difficult in Windows 7, as it is in Vista and not that permeable, as it is in Windows XP. The Windows 7 has a Problem Steps Recorder which allows you to record everything on your screen.

The search feature: The search feature of Windows XP is very slow, in Vista, it is still not reliable, but Windows 7 has a search feature in the operating system itself. There are no system overheads, the searches proceed quickly and the results are usually accurate. The search can be carried out from anywhere in Windows 7 including the Start Menu, Windows Explorer and Control Panel. In addition to all these pros, you also get a better control over your device and tracking your files and sorting them in right locations is much easier in Windows 7. The HomeGroup makes safe and fast sharing possible.

Cons of Windows 7
While you are studying Windows 7 pros and cons, the first drawback in the operating system is absence of a Quick Launch Toolbar. There are also small icons on the taskbar, but that may be customized as per your requirements and preferences. The Run menu item is also not available in the Start menu, however, you will be able to run things using Windows-logo-flag-key+R. Now that you have become aware of the Windows 7 pros and cons, you should not consider upgrading to Windows 7 if your laptop or desktop is a few years old. Most of the older versions of computers cannot handle Windows 7. Some hardware and software systems are compatible with Windows XP only and if your system has any such requirements, then it would be better not to switch over to Windows 7.

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