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Upgrade Acer® laptop with Windows® Vista to Windows® 7 ?

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Acer Windows 7 UpgradeAre you interested to know the different benefits of upgrading your Acer® laptop with Windows Vista ® to Windows®7?

The Acer® brand is known for making high end laptops for premium users. These laptops are known for robust design and performance. Acer® laptops are powered by components manufactured by Acer® itself, except the processor which is provided by Intel®. Because of this self sufficient nature of Acer®, users have been assured of quality products and the experience of using the Acer® laptops is satisfying.

Performing a Windows 7 Upgrades on your Acer® laptop can increase your satisfaction in many ways:
A better alternative to Windows Vista ®
Windows®7 is optimized for speed
Malware protection ‘out of box’
Real time support from Microsoft®

A better alternative to Windows Vista ®
Windows Vista ® has many architecture issues. Windows® 7 is the latest offering from the stable of Microsoft® after XP® and Vista®. It has been designed after careful study, as well as in-depth re-checking and problem resolution of the earlier versions.
It has a sounding coding under the hood making it smooth unlike Windows Vista ®. Thus Acer® Windows® 7 Upgrade will provide the user with a much more stable operating system.

Windows®7 is optimized for speed
Microsoft® Windows 7 is a fast operating system. It has great new technologies to sort out slow performances which were there in Windows Vista ®. Technologies like real time usage management, dynamic response module has made Microsoft® Windows Vista ® the fastest operating system of all.

Malware protection ‘out of box’
Windows Vista ® was much better than Windows® XPin terms of security. Microsoft® Windows®7 is even better with many new features and security enhancements. Microsoft® Windows®7 comes with inbuilt protection from malware like virus, spyware etc as it has Windows® Defenders and Windows® Security Essential pre installed.
It is the most heavily protected operating system availablein the market now. Windows® User Account Control (UAC) has added to its security net even further. It is much better than Windows Vista ®which had many security issues.

Real time support from Microsoft®
Microsoft® has overhauled the total support system for Windows®7. Its direct benefits go to Microsoft® Windows®7. Microsoft® Windows®7 comes with full blown support from Microsoft® giving users access to help and trouble shooting in real time. Experts are available for direct interaction and query resolution on demand which is very useful when users are facing any problem with the operating system.

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