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Will Microsoft’s new tablet give tough competition to iPad?

Will Microsoft’s new tablet give tough competition to iPad
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Rumors that Microsoft was going to launch a tablet in association with Barnes & Noble turned out to be false. It was the Windows 8-based Surface tablet that was unveiled by Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft, at a media event in Los Angeles. The reactions to Microsoft’s Surface tablet have been mixed with some analysts backing the software giant and others skeptic about the success of the product.

Reasons why Microsoft’s Surface tablet can beat the iPad

In a post published by CBS News, writer and editor Erik Sherman, describes 7 reasons why he thinks the Surface tablet has the potential to beat the iPad. According to Erik,

Apple is the king of consumer electronics, no question. But even with its again growing use in corporations, Microsoft has an establishment in corporate computing that is remarkable. From the operating system on the vast majority of desktops to software that is pervasive, including databases, Office, major corporate applications, and middleware, the company is there, no matter where you turn.

I agree with Erik that the widespread presence of Microsoft’s software in the business environment could help the cause of the tablet. This would allow easy integration of the Surface tablets with the existing IT infrastructure.

The Windows 7-based tablets were not able to make a major impact in the market. Microsoft should have learnt from its mistakes and it’s hoped that the Surface tablet will be successful. The company is the second largest holder of patents and as Erik points out, Microsoft is trying to bring innovations such as the SmartGlass to customers. The efforts of Microsoft may well just pay off with its new foray into the tablet sector.

So, what do you think? Is Microsoft’s Surface tablet an iPad killer or a product that won’t succeed?

Read the full story by Erik on 7 reasons why Microsoft’s new tablet could worry Apple. (Via CBS News).

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