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Windows® 7 versus Windows® 8

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Windows 8 Consumer Preview version was launched by Microsoft on February 29. There’s lots in terms of features and performance-wise in store for Windows 7 PC users who would like to upgrade to Windows 8. Right from the Windows 8 installation time, booting time, user interface, support for touch devices, apps, efficiency, and lots more, the new operating system represents a generational change when compared to Windows 7. It’s Windows re-imagined for the next generation of computing devices. Let’s look at the major changes that Microsoft has introduced in Windows 8 Consumer Preview.


Installation and booting: Windows 8 faster than Windows 7

As Windows 8 comes will an all-new graphical interface, it was but expected that the installation of Windows 8 will take longer than Windows 7. The system requirements for Windows 8 are pretty much the same as for Windows 7, so users will easily be able to upgrade. It has been reported that Windows 8 boots faster than Windows 7. When you boot Windows 8, it’s actually equivalent to waking up a computer from hibernation, which is faster than a cold boot in the case of Windows 7.

User interface of Windows 7 and Windows 8

The Metro interface of Windows 8 is based on the now familiar tiles of Windows Phone 7. Although, Windows 7 supported touch-based devices, it was basically built for desktops. But now with Windows 8, Microsoft seems to be going all out to capture the tablets market. Rather than the traditional windows, the new OS has tiles that are touch-friendly and show live updates in sync with the app that they represent. For Windows 7 PC users, who might be thinking what happens to the old interface, the earlier desktop style icons can still be accessed. There’s a new home screen which replaces the Start Menu. There’s a start button in the pre-release version of Windows 8, but it might not be there when the final retail edition is unveiled.

User experience for those accustomed to Windows 7

The Windows 8 interface, with its large tiles, indicates that it’s best suited for touch-enabled devices than for desktops or laptops. People using the traditional keyboard and mouse on Windows 7 PCs will take some time to come to terms with the new design. But it surely will prove to be more convenient to use than Windows 7.

All in all, it seems that Microsoft has a winner on its hands as Windows 8 is an operating system that will integrate different platforms such as desktops, tablets, and smart phones.

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