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iYogi Fraud Protection: Read iYogi Alerts to Combat Browser Fraud

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iYogi shares the modus operandi of such scams and frauds. Browser hijacking and fraud is claiming thousand of victims daily. Hijackers are now able to access the browser through various programs that are installed on one’s computer. Many are unaware of the existence of browser fraud. Are there any ways in which one can tell if his or her browser has been hijacked? Fortunately, there are several ways in which one can tell if their browser has been hijacked. Let’s take a look at them.
• Browser Favorites: Are there any strange pages or sites within your browser favorite section? Seeing any strange sites or pages within your browser section is probably a strong indication of browser fraud.
• Computer Running Slowly: Is your computer running slowly? A slow running computer is normally an outcome of browser fraud.
• How is one susceptible to becoming a victim of browser fraud? Downloading free games and software is the most common ploy used by browser hijackers. Some free games and software have hidden spyware that attaches itself to the browser. Being prudent about downloads is the most effective way of combating browser fraud. Read more>>


Here’s what a typical message looks like:


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Ever been a victim of a Browser fraud? Did scammers try to take charge of your Internet Browser using malicious software? The consequences of such frauds can be ghastly, leading to a situation where scammers can control the settings and display of your page while you are surfing the web. Write to iYogi and share your worst Browser fraud experience. We will publish your story and bring such fraudulent scams to light!

    Solomon, Dallas

    Life with a Bum Browser

    Have you ever logged into your computer only to find that every single one of your settings on all browsers were changed? This happened to me, and I had absolutely no idea what was going on for the longest time. I first thought that someone had played a joke on me, since my home page was changed to a website that I had never visited. I quickly discovered that things were much worse. My browser had been hijacked by some browser fraud program.

    If it was just this little thing, I could have dealt with it. After all, I could have changed my settings back to something more normal. The problem was that the browser fraud program took control of my machine. Popups started happening at every turn. The computer wouldn’t let me open Microsoft Word and it told me that I was infected with spyware. The fraudulent program even shut down the sound on my computer. I tried with all my might to remove what I thought was the problem, but it kept coming back time and again.

    Eventually it even took over my Google search function. Any time I would try to enter something into Google, I would be re-routed to a page offering some kind of program. I knew this was a scam, and I knew they were trying to get me to purchase a program that I didn’t need. I ended up having to get my hard drive wiped and I started over anew with the computer.

    Dave, Cincinatti

    Redirection Fraud

    I wish I knew how to stop this annoying redirection virus. It seems to be of those new internet browser frauds, through I cannot for the life of me figure out what the point is or why someone would create it. All that happens is that I am redirected every time I try to click on one of the search results that I get on Google. There does not seem to be any problem with the actual searching itself. I can still type in whatever I want and I get a list of results that makes sense and seems to match what I am looking to find. It is when I try to go to those sites that the problem occurs.

    What I do not understand is why someone would make a virus like this. I cannot figure out why they want to send me to this website. I just leave it as soon as I arrive. I do not even look around. Maybe they are selling something and this is a complex way to drive up site traffic, but I am not going to be tricked like that. My name is Dave and I run a web-based business here in Cincinnati that is all about buying things — and then selling them again — on the internet. I know how that works and this is not the way to do it. The only thing that I can think of is that they are trying to give me more viruses.

    Steven Jone, Alabama

    I almost got scammed!!

    Last week I was checking my banking a/c online, I got call and was busy on it for sometime, when I got to my desk , I got the page asking me to re login to my bank a/c again, I was goin to do it when happened to glance at the url, it seemed different from the bank url..on reconfirming I understood it was a fake page & was a browser fraud attempt to get my bank details, I checked with an expert who told me that this method was called tab nabbing.. lucky I didn’t get nabbed by online crooks!!

    Cliff Peterson, Alabama

    “The browser installed in my computer was hijacked!! I think some virus infected my system when I installed a freeware application and ever since my browser has been going haywire. It randomly visits suspect websites and the settings seem to change automatically. Good I did not do any online transaction or else I’m sure my account details would have been hacked.

    Blair Hall, Carmel

    Steven, this tab nabbing is a tricky little devil. In most cases, users would not even recognize that they have been had. Tab nabbing occurs when users are not paying attention to the open tabs on their system. I heard that Google Chrome is immune to tab nabbing and I would recommend all users to use this browser till a fix for others is released.

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