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Brighten up your Windows 7 desktop with Thoosje Windows 7 Gadgets pack

Brighten Windows 7 Desktop
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After Windows 7 closed down its Windows 7 Gadgets Gallery on the pretext of focusing on their existing possibilities, the search for a dependable third-party Windows 7 Gadget pack has increased. If you are a Windows 7 user and are looking for Windows 7 widgets to meet your ever-growing needs, then Thoosje offers a free bundle of 25 most popular Windows 7 gadgets just to you. Easy to install, customize, and remove, this Windows 7 Gadget pack covers the needs of all Windows 7 fans. Moreover, the pack does not slow down your computer’s performance.

The Windows 7 Gadget Pack is simple to use; it installs all the gadgets in just one click and creates icons of all the gadgets on your desktop for easy access. The uninstaller helps you to easily remove a gadget in case the gadget does not meet your requirements. There are multiple gadgets categories to optimize your overall computing experience. These include Clock gadgets, Calendar gadgets, Search gadgets, CPU gadgets, Tool gadgets, as well as Game gadgets.

To install a gadget from the Windows 7 Gadget Pack, just select a category and then select one or more gadgets that you want to install. After this, just click the “Install Gadgets” button and all the gadgets will be easily installed on your desktop.

The major difference between Thoosje Windows 7 Gadget pack and other third-party software tools is that most of the gadgets provided by Thoosje are fairly basic and simple to use. In case you are not happy with the gadgets provided in the gadgets pack, you can also visit the publisher’s website and install gadgets of your choice. Thoosje official website offers a huge selection of paid as well as free gadgets for Windows 7 users to try.

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