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Apple® iCloud vs. Windows® Phone 7 SkyDrive

Cloud based technology
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Innovations in the Cloud-based technology products

Cloud based technology

Cloud computing – well that seems to be the buzz word nowadays in terms of technology trends. There has been a lot of talk in cashing into the trend, but many corporate giants are yet to deliver a final product based on the cloud computing theory. Maybe they could look for inspiration from Apple just like they did with the iPad, iPhones, etc. But Apple is not wasting anytime, as it has yet again delivered a product that sets it apart from the industry standards. With the announcement of Apple iCloud, Steve Jobs has created a benchmark for other companies to follow in the innovation of cloud-based technologies. Although Apple has been one of the first companies to come out with a cloud-based technology product, companies such as Microsoft are not far behind as they are centralizing their services around cloud computing as well.


Microsoft’s release of Windows Phone 7 SkyDrive is a potent answer to Apple’s iCloud. However, both offer a different set of services based on the cloud devices. Some of the differences between Apple’s iCould and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 SkyDrive can be seen as follows:-

  • Cloud Space
    Windows Phone 7 SkyDrive offers 25GB of free service on its cloud. This amount of space may not seem enough if you have a heavy load of documents to upload. Apple’s iCloud includes storage of 5GB for contacts, e-mails and calendars, however, if you have purchased music, apps, and documents on any iOS device, then you will have unlimited memory space to store these items.
  • User Friendliness
    iCloud provides users with a well defined format to store multimedia files, which have the option to sync their files from the cloud platform. Microsoft’s SkyDrive offers users with opt-in options to store content. This means that the content will remain in the cloud as long as the user wishes to. It becomes difficult to monitor the storage items that you have in the cloud-based platform of Windows Phone 7 SkyDrive. With Apple iCloud, all data gets synced to your devices automatically, in which the user can decide to delete a particular data.
  • Cost
    Microsoft SkyDrive is free for Windows Phone 7 users as it is currently offering only 25GB storage. Apple iCloud only provides the service for free as long as you have purchased music from the iStore. For non-subscription based multimedia, you will have to pay $24.99 to store data on iCloud.

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