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Take Charge of your Gnomes to Defeat the Crows

Beard and birds
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  • Author: Microsoft Game Studios
  • System Requirements: Windows Phone 7
  • Price: $2.99

Get into the world of Gnomes, where you have to collect jewels before the crows come after you. As a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game, Beards and Beaks is all about you controlling a small town of Gnomes that have to defeat the crows and collect jewels for their livelihood. Sounds pretty easy, but wait till the levels increase in which you have more than ten Gnomes to control. This makes it difficult to watch against crows and pools of water.

With an interesting mix of sound effects, Beard and Beaks has an easy gameplay that allows you to, just swipe on the Windows Phone 7 screens while directing the Gnomes in the small town. The basic navigation in this game only allows you to control the Gnomes by directing them to the jewels and in eliminating the crows.



As the levels increase, you have to choose to increase the power of the Gnomes, which is done by purchasing power ups. Power ups allow your Gnomes to have more magical powers to eliminate the crows or jump longer distances in order to reach for the jewels.

As a strategy game, Beard and Beaks depends on how well you come up with the best ideas to collect the jewels and eliminate the birds in the shortest period of time. Once you clear the first few levels, you will be asked to purchase other levels. Make sure you have enough power ups to be able to play higher levels, because you may not know when your Gnome will be killed by a crow or fall into a pond!

In order to get an idea of the gameplay you can watch this video:

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