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Microsoft schedules IE10 preview for Windows 7 to mid-November

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Remember Microsoft’s announcement about Internet Explorer 10 at its MIX 11 conference in April 2011? In the era of rapid releases, the release of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 10 seemed to have been jinxed. But the spell is finally over as Microsoft has recently announced the release date for the preview version of Internet Explorer 10. The much awaited preview version of IE10 will finally ship in by mid of November. The final version of IE10 on Windows 7 will hit the market later, once Microsoft has collected the feedback from developers and customers and has fixed the anomalies.

However, not everyone has welcomed the news. Some Windows 7 users have expressed their displeasure as the Windows 8 version of the browser is expected on October 26, when Windows 8 is scheduled for launch. On the other hand, Windows 7 users will be getting a mere preview with no word on the release of its full version. But, Microsoft has pretty good reasons for the delay; the major one being that Windows 7 and Windows 8 run on different platform. While Windows 8 supports Direct3D 11.1, Windows 7 supports version 11.0 of the application interface. So, in order to run IE10 on Windows 7, it required some tweaking.

According to Microsoft’s blog post, IE10 will improve the real-world site performance. While IE10 on Windows 7 lacks some features and speed improvements found in IE10 for Windows 8, it will provide additional standards support to Windows 7, something that web developers have been long asking for. It will support a number of HTML5 and CSS 3 features. Moreover, IE 10 will also support all three new layout tools — CSS Grid Layout, CSS Flexible Box Layout, and CSS Regions. Though IE10 will run on Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows RT, it will not run on Microsoft’s older operating systems like Windows Vista and Windows XP.

With the IE10 release date approaching for Windows 8 as well as Windows 7, Microsoft is sure that IE10 will provide its users the best browsing experience on the web.

Image credit: PCMAG.com

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