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“Never Say Never” Windows®7 Theme: Justin Bieber

Shrek Forever After theme - Microsoft Windows
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If you are a Justin Bieber fan and own a Windows 7 loaded PC, then get acquainted with his reel to real life journey with the Windows 7 Justin Bieber theme. From a street performer in Ontario to an Internet rockstar, this 16-year-old Canadian singer set the online music industry ablaze with his music album release on YouTube.

‘Never Say Never’, is an inspiring story on the rise of Justin Bieber. To acknowledge this young pop singer’s journey globally, Microsoft released Justin Bieber ‘Never say Never’ theme with images from his 3D concert film.


Harry Potter theme - Microsoft Windows

Transformers 3 theme - Microsoft Windows

Shrek Forever After theme - Microsoft Windows

To download the Justin Bieber 7 theme, click here:


There are some other popular movie themes also available on Windows 7:

  • Harry Potter Theme

All Harry Potter fans get images of Harry Potter with the Harry Potter Windows 7 theme.

To download the Harry Potter Windows 7 theme, click here:


  • Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

For all who have praised the incredibly engaging and immersive 3D experience with Transformer 3, get the Windows 7 Transformer 3: Dark o f the Moon theme on your desktop.

To download the Transformer 3 Windows 7 theme, click here:


  • Shrek Forever After theme

Get the much loved characters, Donkey, Puss, Fiona and Shrek right on your desktop with the free Shrek Forever After Theme for Windows 7.

To download the Shrek Forever After Windows 7 theme, click here:


To download all the themes mentioned above you need to have Windows 7 operating system and minimum of 4.5 MB space.

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Justin Bieber Theme for Windows® 7

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