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Tank Tank Bang Bang


Author: Nmedia Solutions Inc.
System Requirements: For Windows Phone 7

Tank You is a very easy and simple game app for Windows Phone 7 (WP7) developed by Nmedia Solutions Inc. Through this game, you can actually test and sharpen your shooting and aiming skills. The target is to defeat and destroy your enemy using your tank. You can either play this game online with up to four players or can simply play against the bots. The purpose is to be the sole survivor at the end and destroy all the other tanks in the battlefield.

This WP7 game app is a very good option to keep you occupied especially when you have nothing to do and are getting bored. The option to play single or with friends makes it even more interesting. This Windows Phone 7 game app gives you the option to play in five different themes, including a hostile environment and a unique random field.
Every moment of playing the game can send thrills down your spine as throughout you have to safeguard your tank from getting bombarded by the opponent’s tank. Besides the covering, you also have to aim perfectly to destroy your opponent’s tanks. While playing, you need to keep in mind the flow of wind, as it may affect your angle and speed of shot. Well, that’s what makes the game very realistic, doesn’t it?

Although weaponry of the tank is limited you nevertheless have an option to choose from different kinds of missiles or bombs. This game is a boon for times when you are really stressed up and want to do something that can charge you up! So, you can just get set to go.

Download link: http://www.freewarepocketpc.net/wp7/get-tankyou.html



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