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Watch YouTube® Videos on Windows® Phone 7

youtube wp7
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A must have free plug-in for Windows Phone 7 Users

YouTube, as we all know, is a popular videos website where people can stream and play videos using any platform like PCs and smartphones. At present, smartphones like Android and iPhone has got various apps to play such videos but Windows Phone 7 doesn’t have a dedicated app. This is not a reason to worry, as a special plug-in can do this job for you. Recently, Microsoft released an extra plugin so that you can seamlessly play YouTube videos on your Windows Phone 7 handset. In order to get this plugin on your device, simply play any video and you will automatically land on the Windows Phone Marketplace site. You may not be able to stream HTML 5 or Flash videos but you will surely be able to watch standard videos.

youtube wp7

Working of YouTube Plug-in

The moment you connect to the Internet using your Windows Phone 7 device, simply land on www.YouTube.com and play any of your desired video. The three easy steps to follow after that are as follows:-

  1. Before the video starts streaming on the mobile screen, you will get an option to include a plugin. Subsequently, click on the given plugin and the browser will take you to Windows Phone Marketplace
  2. Click on ‘Download’ to allow the browser to include the YouTube plugin
  3. Once the YouTube plugin is added, open the same video and you will encounter a thumbnail to actually play the video on your screen. Though high-resolution formats cannot be played but you can watch normal quality videos. In addition, the mobile version of YouTube website (m.YouTube.com) gets automatically added on your mobile device

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