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asus windows 7 UpgradeAre you interested in knowing the different benefits of upgrading Asus laptop from Windows Vista to Windows7?

Asus is known for making high end laptops with robust design and good performance. Because of that they are used even by hardcore professional and IT experts. Asus laptops are powered by their own devices except the processor which is provided by Intel. Because of the features of Asus, it has become one of the most sought after computer brands.

Some of the benefits of Asus Windows 7 Upgrade are as follows:

Latest features
Windows7 is speedy and more stable
Built- in malware protection
Great support from Microsoft
Asus and Microsoft providing easy upgrades

Latest features
Microsoft Windows 7 is the latest offering from Microsoft. After XP and Vista, Windows 7 is the new flagship product from Microsoft .

It has lots of new features like Bit Locker-drive encryption, new taskbar, libraries. Asus Windows 7 Upgrade will provide these new attractive features to all users.

Windows7 is speedy and more stable
Unlike Vista, Microsoft Windows 7 is build for speed and stability. This has been made possible with the incorporation of technologies like better memory management, super error handling. These features have made Microsoft Windows 7 the fastest operating system available.

Built in malware protection
Microsoft Windows 7 comes with inbuilt protection from malware like virus, spyware etc as it has Windows Defender and Windows Security Essential pre -installed.

These two components along with Windows User Account Control (UAC) have made it the most heavily protected operating system in the market.

Great support from Microsoft
Microsoft Windows 7 comes with full blown support from Microsoft giving access to help and trouble shooting. Users can seek assistance from the online error detection and removal tools available. Microsoft is also providing online line real time chat with experts to the users to provide instant solutions.

Asus and Microsoft providing easy upgrades
Both these companies are working together to provide easy Microsoft Windows 7 Upgrade for the users. The upgrade is made hassle free as users can simply do online and get it done.

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