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Tips to Install Windows® 7 on Dell® Mini 10

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What are the tips to install Windows 7 on Dell Mini 10?

The Dell Mini 10 is very compact and portable computer which is has a powerful Intel Atom processor that balances performance with portability. The 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor featured in Dell Mini 10 has great multitasking capabilities whic allows you to perform resource intensive tasks without slowing down the PC. The 1GB dual channel RAM integrated in the Dell Mini 10 allows you to perform memory oriented functions with ease and can also be expanded upto 4GB for faster data rates. The GMA 500 integrated graphics accelerator from Intel is having extensive multimedia support and supports a display resolution of upto 1024/576 pixels on its 10.1 inch LCD display.

The following points discussed below will help you to install Windows 7 on your Dell Mini 10 system:

  • Backup data & charge system
  • Download & verify drivers
  • Installing Windows 7

Backup data & charge system

The installation of a new Operating System on a computer will permanently delete the applications, programs and data on the primary hard disk partition onto which the new OS is installed. If you are installing Windows 7 in Dell Mini 10 are create backups of data on secure external storage devices so as to prevent application & data loss. The process of installing a highly functional OS like Windows 7 is a time & resource consuming task and any power related issues or disturbances to the OS installation will result in a corrupt OS installation. So in order to prevent power related complications during the install, the users are advised to plug in the adapter and charge up the system battery so as to provide adequate power backup for completing the installation in case of main adapter power failure.

Download & Verify drivers

Although the Windows 7 OS is capable of automatically detecting and installing the default device drivers upon the completion of installation on a system, it is advised that the users install the latest versions of the original device component drivers for optimizing their performance and compatibility. The original drivers for various device components of the Dell Mini 10 will be available for download from the original manufacturer’s support website and can be downloaded by the users for free. The users are advised to verify the compatibility of the downloaded drivers with the Windows 7 OS and system components before installing them so as to avoid later complications. It is also highly recommended that the users install only signed drivers downloaded from the original manufacturer’s website so as to avoid issues and optimize the computer’s functionality.

Installing Windows 7

As the Dell Mini 10 is lacks a optical disk drive, you will have to perform the Windows 7 installation using a USB flash drive or by connecting a supported USB disk drive with the system. The installation of Windows 7 using a USB flash drive is opted by most users as the other method requires a functional external DVD drive which might not be available for every user. The installation of Windows 7 from USB flash drive is very similar to the one using an original DVD and the users can create bootable versions of Windows 7 on flash drives using several third party applications which are designed to create boot partitions on the flash drive. Plugging in the USB flash drive containing the bootable version of Windows 7and restarting the system after making necessary changes in the system BIOS so as to facilitate system boot using USB flash drive will allow the users to boot up the Dell Mini 10 using Windows 7 USB flash drive. Selecting the required options in relation with the on screen instructions will allow the users to successfully install and use the Windows 7 on your Dell Mini 10.

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