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How to Migrate Eudora® from Windows® XP to Windows® 7?


eudora windows 7

Email Client: Eudora

Follow these easy steps to take a backup of Eudora mails and settings:

STEP 1. Start Eudora on your computer.

STEP 2. Decide the location in order to save your files. It could be zip drive or removable storage drive.

STEP 3. Locate Eudora files. Extensions are .mbx and .toc.

STEP 4. After the successful installation of Windows 7 operating system on your old or new PC, download the latest version of Eudora. Or, insert the CD into CD-ROM.

STEP 5. Restore backup on your Windows 7 computer.

Some of the key features of Eudora:

  • Eudora doesn’t allow anything to run from your mail unless you want it to, stopping viruses and trojan horses cold. Eudora also warns users about opening emails with potentially dangerous content.
  • One-time security login for site licensees.
  • Add a picture or logo to your signature, you can also include a link to your company web site.
  • Play your music for new mail and filters

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What’s the Issue:

For migrating from Windows XP — which is close to 70% of desktops today — to Windows 7, consumers will require a ‘clean’ install of the new operating system. Users will need to migrate their Email clients such as Eudora, Thunderbird, Outlook Express and others by following these easy steps.

Why Do It:

Don’t lose your emails and settings on Eudora when you migrate from Windows XP to Windows 7.

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Windows 7 Migration


    So I installed eudora 7 successfully on Windows7, but now when I check mail (att.net) the first check on running Eudora takes about 3 minutes to complete. Subsequent checks are very fast. Could there be a port change or the like that I need to address??

    Paul Tulkens


    This problem (slow at first check) is seen each time you first connect to a server that requires SSL encryption (“Required STARTTLS)”. It is due to the slowness of Win7 and Vista to construct the necessary algorithm (there is a similar problem when starting a VPN session with the Cisco VPN client that seems to use a similar type of algorithm). You experience no delay after a first check because the algorithm is kept as long as you do not close Eudora. There is no delay when you check mail from server that doe snot require SSL encryption.

    I have found no workaround and the only thing you can do is to be patient. Also, you may get an error message telling that the negotiation failed and/or that ther was a time-out. But, fortunately, this is not a problem because the algorithm has been built and if you immediately do a new check mail, it will work fine and fast.

    I hope this helps !

    Paul Tulkens

    After having replied to Phil, I have my-self a question for Ankit Srivastava and/or iYogi about the installation of Eudora in Win7.

    I got two problems, which I partially solved but I look for better solution.

    1. The left pane (personalities, boxes, and so on) remain grey at first launch. The only way I found to have it to open normally was to make a “Reset tools…”. Then it opens but all other configurations made up to this point are lost. So, it is better to do it immediately after first launch. My question is why does this occur ?

    2. Each time Eudora is launched, the UAC is triggered and I have to agree on its launch (even though I have administration right on the machine (but I know that even an administrator runs under a limited until he agrees when encountering a UAC request. This may be due to the fact that Eudora writes to the registry each time it is launched, but it is annoying (and does NOT occur with Vista). The only way to avoid this is to turn off UAC, which is not the best idea. Of note, Eudora runs under WinXP SP3 compatibility mode).

    Any idea ?


    Win 7 is a royal pain!

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