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How to enable Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 7?

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Ever wanted to access your home computer when you were away from home? Actually, you can access it very easily. If you have a home network, you can use Remote Desktop Connection to access your PC at home from outside the network. The process of accessing your computer remotely can be handy, especially when you are travelling or at work.

The Remote Desktop Connection is disabled by default in your Windows 7. You will have to enable it to allow remote access to the workstation. When you have enabled it successfully, any member of the administrators group can get connected to the workstation. While other users need to be placed on a remote access list in order to gain access to the workstation.

Here’s how you can enable Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 7:

  1. Login to an administrator account and Click on the Start menu.
  2. Right-click Computer and click Properties.
  3. Click on Remote Settings from the left side pane.
  4. Under Remote Desktop heading, select the Radio Button next to Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop.
  5. Click Ok to save changes.
  6. Close the window.


The above-mentioned steps are quite approachable than any other solution method to enable Remote Desktop Connection. Don’t you think they are easy to follow and apply on your Windows 7? You can also go through our video solution that is given below.

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