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IronKey® USB for Windows® 7

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IronKey USB for Windows 7Ever since word has been making rounds at reviews on IronKey secure USB flash drive, a lot of features have surely made their way since the last version was tested. The IronKey enhanced the maximum capacity of its much secure USB flash drive which can be deployed in the new Windows 7. From the IronKey, it is observed that there are fewer upgrades to this latest version of what is still importantly the most secure USB drive that is available. The new IronKey S200 model enhances the maximum capacity of the previous drive to 16GB, and it is now compatible with Windows 7. It was already Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X and Linux.

This drive is for all and sundry. The IronKey is high-end and its price tag shows that a drive with only 1GB capacity costs $79.00 retail. To optimize on 16GB capacity, one will have to shell out $299.00.It is uncertain whether this whole thing can fall under an upgrade but the drive has got authentication with the Federal Information Processing Standards 140-2, Level 3, which has under its control document processing, encryption algorithms and other IT standards for use in non-military government agencies.  It includes their vendors and contractors. IronKey says that it is the only FIPS 140-2, Level 3 certified USB drive.

IronKey stands apart from most other USB drives because its maker utilizes high-end single-level cell (SLC) NAND flash memory chips in comparison to multi-level cell, consumer-grade (MLC) NAND. SLC has better base performance over MLC; it has as much as 10 times longevity , up to 100,000 write/erase cycles most importantly. Because the IronKey for thenew Windows 7 uses high-end SLC NAND, its performance looks to be a notch higher than most MLC-based flash drives, especially when it comes to write rates. An IronKey agent said that the new version is also supposed to be faster than the last model owing to improvements in the firmware.

However, a trial test on the the drive was undertaken using ATTO Disk Benchmark from ATTO Technology andHD Tach from Simpli Software marking its uses. With the deployment of the HD Tach utility, the IronKey  returned a random access time of 4.2 milliseconds, an average sequential read rate of 25.7MB/sec and a burst rate only slightly higher than 26.9MB/sec. CPU utilization was a high 19%. The ATTO benchmarking software gave a similar read rate, 24.4MB/sec, and a write rate of 14.8MB/sec.

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