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Windows® 7 Computer Management

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Computer management helps you to perform many tasks which allows you to manage computer far more easily including storage, system tools, task scheduler, etc.

You can perform variety of tasks such as:
• Monitoring system events
• Configuring hard disks, and
• Managing system performance.

Disk Management

Disk Management is a system utility that helps you to manage contained hard disks and partitions. It allows you to format disks, create volumes, and format volumes with the FAT, FAT32, or NTFS file systems. You can perform disk related tasks without restarting the system with Disk Management.
It offers the same functions as you have encountered in earlier versions but new features are also added in Windows 7 like:

1) Simpler Partition creation
2) Disk Conversion option
3) Extend and shrink partition

Event viewer

It is a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in that allows the user to browse and manage event logs. It is very useful tool which helps to monitor the health of your system and also offer help to solve troubleshooting issues whenever they arise.

You can perform following tasks with Event Viewer:
• View events from multiple event logs
• Save useful event filters as custom views that can be reused by you
• Schedule a task to run in response to an event
• Create and manage event subscriptions

The Task Scheduler

You can schedule automated tasks that allows you to perform actions at a specific time. You can maintain all scheduled task with it by providing easy way to access the tasks. The Task Scheduler user interface has just superseded the Scheduled tasks Explorer extension in Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows 2000.

Device Manager

You can have a graphical view of all the hardware that is installed on your computer with Device Manager. Easy to install and update the drivers, hardware settings for the devices can be easily modified with it.

Following are the uses of device manager:

• Determine whether the hardware on your computer is working properly.
• Change hardware configuration settings.
• The device drivers that are loaded for each device can be identified, and obtain information about each device driver.
• Advanced settings and properties for devices can be changed. Updated device drivers can be installed.
• Enable, disable, and uninstall devices.
• Roll back to the previous version of a driver.
• The devices based on their type, by their connection to the computer, or by the resources they use can be viewed.
• Show or hide hidden devices that are not critical to view, but might be necessary for advanced troubleshooting.

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