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VMWARE® Player in Windows® 7 64-Bit

windows 7 64 bit
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Vmware Player Windows 7 64 BitWhat are the benefits of using VMWARE player on Windows 7 64 bit?

VMWARE player has facilitated with the easiest, quickest and the most reliable way to run multiple operating systems. VMWARE Player has a user-friendly interface for Windows 7 64-bit.VMWARE Player is the application which will bring in support to open another operating system on Windows 7 without rebooting.

Here we will talk about the benefits of VMWARE Player with Windows 7 64 bit:
Benefits of VMWARE Player
Creating virtual machines in Windows 7
Windows XP mode is possible in Windows 7 with windows virtual PC

Benefits of VMWARE Player
For VMWARE Player, there is no virtualization technology or AMD-V limitation required on processor level. Turn on the VMWARE Player from the preferred mode of the virtual machine settings as it demands the lowest hardware. Creating a new VM takes less than thirty minutes. The machine gets ready to be used just by checking on few settings. The RDM connection that runs behind the connection of the VM makes it easy to drag and drop files between host and guest machines unlike Windows Virtual Machine that integrates RDP client with virtual PC. It supports upstream VM products. The dual monitor setup will bring in interesting effects where the set up icon on the toolbar will extend the virtual guest across the monitor. The VMWARE Player support Aero which makes it even more amazing. Windows Virtual Machine does not support Aero.

Creating virtual machines in Windows 7
With the help of VMWARE Player, there can be multiple virtual machines created on Windows 7.The new version of VMWARE Player that is VMWARE Player 3.0 has got some great ways of creating virtual machines. To create a virtual machine, click ‘New Virtual Machine’, select the path where the installation media is located either in DVD or in flash drive. Skip the Product key window, enter the name of the virtual machine and the place where it will be stored. Specify the volume and click ‘Next’. In the next window, select the option ‘Customize Hardware’, and click ‘Finish’. After 30 minutes, the new virtual machine will be made for use.

Windows XP mode is possible in Windows 7 with Windows Virtual PC
It is possible to bring in Windows XP mode with Windows 7 using the virtual machine. There are two ways of doing it either using virtual toolbox or by using VMWARE player. Thus, without virtualization technology or any extra hardware, it is possible to have Windows XP mode.

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