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Windows® 7 32 Bit

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Windows 7 32 Bit

The Advantages of Windows 7 32-bit Opposed to the 64-bit Version

When purchasing a retail copy of Windows 7, most versions will include both a Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit version of the operating system. Many users often do not know the difference between the two as purchasing a computer pre-installed with Windows 7 will ensure the right version of the operating system is installed. For the most part,the 64-bit version is considered superior for its ability to take advantage of more RAM and really reach the capacity of your system’s CPUs. However, there are unique circumstances where the Windows 7 32-Bit version provides advantages that you appreciate or require for your current workflow. If you are upgrading to Windows 7 from a previous version of the operating system, you should definitely consider the advantages of the 32-bit version before simply purchasing the 64-bit version.


Here are a few of the key advantages of choosing the Windows 7 32-bit OS over the 64-bit copy:

Legacy Device Compatibility
16-bit Application Support
Support for Systems with Less than 4G RAM


Legacy Device Compatibility
One of the main benefits of Windows 7 32-Bit opposed to the Windows 7 64-bit version is the compatibility support for legacy devices. If you have old devices or peripherals such as scanners, printers, etc., those devices may not be supported under the 64-bit version due to outdated drivers. Many users that have several unsupported devices will make the decision to stick with the 32-bit version in order to continue using them. If you do choose the 64-bit Windows 7, it’s crucial to ensure you can 64-bit drivers for your devices and peripherals.


16-bit Application Support
Another advantage of Windows 7 32-Bit is the support for 16-bit applications. If you are interested in running applications that were developed for DOS or Windows 3.1, you will not be able to do so on the 64-bit version. While there are not many users still utilizing these applications, those that are will have to go for the 32-bit Windows 7, which still supports them.



Support for Systems with Less than 4G RAM
In order to take advantage of the features of the 64-bit Windows 7 it is necessary to have at least 4GB RAM. Fortunately, the 32-bit version provides support for those that do not have or need that much RAM. Users that are currently unaware of how RAM their system has can easily decide which version of Windows 7 will suit them best by finding out.

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