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Webcam Drivers in Windows® 7

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Windows 7 Webcam DriversAre you inquisitive about the usage of webcam drivers in Windows 7 based computer system?

Webcam is a hardware device that is used in a computer to allow real-time video chatting and webcasting. Webcams comes in-built in most laptops, desktop computers and notebooks. You can also install a webcam externally, if it is not comes in-built in your computer. With the help of the webcam that you have installed in your Windows 7, you can also capture images and videos. You can also use this device for video chatting and teleconferencing. Some webcams have the advanced features like automatic lighting controls, real-time enhancements and automatic face tracking. For supporting webcam in Windows 7, you need to install compatible webcam driver in your computer.

Following points discuss about different webcam drivers for Windows 7 operating system, their role and ways to install them:

  • Different drivers
  • Role of drivers
  • Ways to install

Different drivers
You can download drivers for webcam from the websites of respective manufacturers. Microsoft Webcam driver 3.2 is the webcam driver from Microsoft which can be used with various webcams, like LifeCam VX-2000, LifeCam NX-3000, LifeCam NX-6000, LifeCam VX-1000, LifeCam VX-3000, etc.

Role of drivers
Device driver is a software program which allows the interaction between the operating system and the corresponding hardware components. One of the major roles of webcam driver in your Windows 7 is to provide an interface between the software programs and the webcam. It helps to optimize the performance of the webcam. Video and image capturing, video streaming, etc. are performed with the help of the driver.

Ways to install
First of all, you need to connect the webcam into your Windows 7 system and then you need to install the webcam driver. You need to ensure that the webcam driver is totally compatible with Windows 7 operating system. Always ensure that you use a genuine driver for the webcam. It is better to update the webcam driver in your system for smooth working.

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