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Install Windows 7 with UbuntuNowadays computer users are so intelligent & technically sound that they don’t want to rely on single operating system. Probably they love to experience different operating system at the same time.

Its a universal fact that you can’t run all software or games on a single operating system due to compatibility issue. For instance, one program works with Windows XP but not with 2000 or other operating system.

So, its always better to run at least two operating systems on a single machine. Hold on, we’re not talking about installing versions of Windows of Microsoft. Here, we’ll discuss how to install two different companies product on a single machine. Yes, we know that dual booting with Microsoft Windows is a piece of cake and everyone is familiar with the process. But when it comes to installing two operating systems totally based on different platform, you may get confused.

In this article, we’ll show you how to install Windows 7 & Ubuntu on a single system without any hassle. We are assuming that you are installing these operating system on a clean machine.

Follow the instructions to install Windows 7:

STEP 1. Insert the Windows 7 disc into DVD drive, then set the BIOS to boot from it.

STEP 2. Press any key on your keyboard to boot from CD or DVD.

STEP 3. Next you should see the first Windows 7 setup screen prompting you to enter your region information.

STEP 4. Set your location and language preferences then click Next.

STEP 5. Next accept the EULA (End User License Agreement) in order to proceed.

STEP 6. The two options are Upgrade and Custom. As this is a new install, the only one we can choose Custom.

STEP 7. Select the hard drive partition for installing Windows.

STEP 8. During setup system may reboot a couple of times, don’t “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD” when this happens as it will slow everything down. Let Windows reboot as normal.

STEP 9. Once the file install is complete you will be presented with another black screen with the message, “Setup is preparing your computer for first use.

STEP 10. The next dialog box is where you enter your user and computer name. Enter all your details and click Next. Password time, enter one if you want, or leave it blank, the choice is yours.

STEP 11. The next screen is for the product key. Here you have two options. You can enter the key here and allow Windows to automatically activate once online, or ignore it and enter it later.

STEP 12. The next screen is the security screen where you choose whether or not to allow Windows to automatically update itself. We suggest setting this to Use recommended settings for now.
This will allow the operating system to download updates and fixes as they become available.

STEP 13. Next enter details for time zone, then network settings and etc.

Once you’re done with Windows 7 installation, now its time for you to install second operating system (Ubuntu).

Restart and boot your computer from your Ubuntu installation CD. When your system boots up, select your language, select Try Ubuntu without any changes to your system, and you’ll boot into a live desktop, run entirely off the CD. Once you’re booted up, try to connect the Internet from the network icon in the upper-right it helps during the installation process, make sure your network is working, and have one browser (Internet Explorer) while the system installs.

After that click the Install link on the desktop, and select the necessary language, location, keyboard info. When you press the Prepare disk space section, choose the specify partitions manually option, then click Forward. Choose the free space that’s after your first two Windows partitions with NTFS formats, then click the Add button at bottom. Your partition should already be sized correctly, and the only thing to change is set “/” as a mount point.

Click OK, then finish through with the Ubuntu installation. If it finds your Windows 7 installation, it might prompt you to import settings from inside it you can, if you’d like, let the installation complete, eject the CD, and restart your system.

Next time when you’ll start your computer, you’ll see a list of OS options.

Note: During the installation process its recommended to create at least two partitions with enough hard-drive space. One partition for the Windows operating system and applications running from it, another partition for Ubuntu.

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