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Steps to Remove Windows® 7?

Remove Windows 7
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Remove Windows 7Windows operating system endorse dual booting a PC, where users can install various operating systems. If Windows 7 or Windows XP have been installed on your PC, you can decide which operating system to dump. If you are not happy with the Microsoft’s latest operating system, you can revert back to Windows XP.

Steps to remove Windows 7 without affecting saved files or data:

1. Boot up and log on to Windows XP desktop.

2. Insert the Windows 7 DVD installation disc into CD-ROM or DVD-ROM optical drive. Or, mount the Windows 7 on any virtual drive.

3. Run Command Prompt, or you can click directly to Startmenu -> Run command.

4. In the command prompt write the following command and hit Enter:

[DVD Drive Letter]:\boot\bootsect.exe /nt52 ALL /force

The step will remove the boot menu to select operating system to start.

5. Remove Windows 7 disc and restart the your computer

6. The computer will boot up with Windows XP installation partition.

7. Manually remove files and folders of Windows 7, including Windows, Program Files and Users folder.

8. On the root system folder of Windows XP, delete Boot.BAK and BootSect.BAK. The two files are remnant backup leftover files of previously installed Windows 7 bootloader, but is no more useful for Windows XP.

Tip: NT52 is the MBR which is used by Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, while NT6 is used by Vista. So, if you’re planning to remove Windows 7 in Vista/7 dual boot system, change the NT52 in the command to NT60.

Shortcut: You can even format the Windows 7 partition straight away, and then start the computer with Windows XP Setup CD to repair the system partition.

Tip: Always use the highest edition of Windows 7 installation DVD/CD to do the repair, when startup repair the boot record after eliminating an installed operating system from dual-boot.

Follow these steps, If you simply want to remove Windows 7 in Windows Vista:

1. Press Start and click Control Panel

2. Type Advanced system and click on View advanced system settings in the search box.

3. Under the Advanced tab, click on Startup and recovery > Setting.

4. Change the default operating system to Microsoft Windows Vista and click OK.

5.Click the Start button, right click on Computer, and select Manage.

6. Click Disk Management, in the left pane.

7. Find the Windows 7 partition, right click it, and select Delete Volume.

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