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Windows 7 Crack

Windows 7 crack
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PC users are well aware that Windows 7 crack codes to activate pirated copies of the operating system have been released illegally by hackers. These have been mostly used to activate and validate the Windows 7 Ultimate version of the operating system in an illegal manner. The same hack was carried out in the past for Windows Vista as well.

Don’t use Windows 7 crack codes to activate pirated OS

Pirated copies of Windows 7 and crack codes are used by people to save money but they don’t realize that their computers will not function properly if fake programs are used. Pirated software also make a computer vulnerable to security threats such as viruses. The use of non-genuine Windows 7 is illegal and hackers are promoting piracy through Windows 7 crack codes. It is recommended that only genuine Windows 7 and licensed software should be installed on computers. Various editions of Windows 7 can be bought from authorized resellers or can be ordered online.

Issues related to Windows 7 crack codes

The first instance of the hack was reported about a Windows 7 Ultimate OEM DVD ISO. It was disclosed and leaked out on a forum from China and had with it all the links for download. It is quite remarkable that the ISO gave the option to hackers to get hold of the OEM-SLP (System-Locked Pre-installation) product key. It is quite surprising that even the OEM certificate for Windows 7 RTM Ultimate via boot.wim was also allowed or made accessible to hackers.

After a research that was undertaken when the leakage from a Chinese forum of a Windows 7 crack code was disclosed, it has come to the knowledge that Windows 7 crack codes are widely available. The process of activation bypasses the validation process illegally. The crack is specific to the Ultimate edition of Windows 7 and this is all because of the OEM product key.

It is recommended that only Genuine Windows 7 should be purchased and installed on computers. It is illegal to use Windows 7 crack codes or programs to activate pirated copies of Windows 7.



    plz i want windows 7 proffessional key or crack.
    thank u


    pls send me windows 7 ultimate activation key or crack 64-bit ID: 00426-OEM-8992662-00497. Thanks a lot


      pls send me windows 7 ultimate activation key or crack 64-bit ID: 00426-OEM-8992662-00497. Thanks a lot
      To get the the product key, you need to buy Windows 7. You may buy it from: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/buy/default.aspx

      All the best!!!
      iYogi – Good Karma!!!!


    pls send me windows 7 ultimate activation crack 32 download link.

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