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windows 7 repair

Repairing Windows 7 errors. Are you searching for the possible issues liable for corruption in the Windows 7?


The Windows 7 is the latest version among the operating Systems developed by the Microsoft . Unlike the other OS versions of the Microsoft , this offers much advanced and sophisticated features to its users. However, you may face several problems while installing this operating system in your computer. Therefore you need several Windows 7 repair tools to solve these problems. But the Windows 7 repair task should be performed cautiously depending on the type of error that you have faced.  Therefore it is recommended, that you must find out the root cause of the problem before repairing.

The three main issues responsible for corrupting the installation process of the Windows 7 are described below:

“Error due to invalid product key
“Error 0×80070241″
“Error 0×80070017″

Error due to invalid product key
Among the several issues responsible for corruption while installing the Windows 7, the invalid product key problem is the most common one. There are several causes behind this error. One of them may be that, the user has mistyped the name of the key. This can be solved easily by retyping the same. It has also been noticed that sometimes the product key used by the user does not match with the Windows 7 version. Further, in some cases you may find that the specific key supports an upgraded version of the Windows 7 which you do not have in your computer. In such a situation you first need to install the Windows Vista and the XP versions and then go for installing an upgraded Windows 7 version which matches the product key.

Error 0×80070241
You may face the “error 0×80070241″ which arises during installing the Windows 7 after 20 to 30 % installation is complete. This error essentially indicates missing file problem and forces to turn down the installation process. The main cause behind this problem is that, the required files cannot be copied by the Windows since these may either be damaged or missing. In such a situation you need to perform a Windows 7 repair by copying all the necessary files again. You are also required to burn a new DVD by using Nero and not the Ultra ISO. After successful completion of the above steps try to reinstall the OS again.


“Error 0×80070017″
This is yet another error which pips up during installing the Windows 7. This problem generally indicates that you have a damaged media. One way to combat this error is to download the installation files of the Windows 7 again. This is required to avoid the ISO file corruption. After downloading the new set of files you must burn the same on a DVD having a lower setting which could be either 4x or 8x. Finally try to reinstall the Windows 7 in your computer.


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