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Router Problems in Windows® 7

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Windows 7 Router ProblemThere are different problems that can come in the way of Windows 7 Router. Wondering how to fix such problems?

Router issues with Windows 7 can be bit annoying. If Windows ever notifies you about a weak signal, it probably means that your connection is not as fast or as reliable. This could lead you towards loosing your net connection. Hence if you are looking forward to improving the signal for your wireless network, try some of these tips for extending your wireless range and upgrading your wireless network performance.

Here are some easy steps to fix Windows 7 Router issues to help you go long way.

Position your Wireless Router
Change your Wireless channel
Reduce wireless interference
Replace your router’s antenna

Position your Wireless Router properly
Whenever it is possible, try to place your wireless router in a central location in your home. If your wireless router is against an outside wall of your home, the signal will automatically tend to appear weak on the other side of your home. So you need to take care of this issue first. Well, no need to be panicky if you can’t move your wireless router as there are many other ways to gear up your connection.

Change your wireless channel
Wireless routers can broadcasts on several different channels, very similar to the way radio stations use different channels. Just like you hear some interference on one radio station while another appears perfectly clear, sometimes one wireless channel is clearer than others. So try changing your wireless Routers channel through your rooter’s configuration page to see if your signal strength improves.

Reduce wireless interference
If you have cordless phones or other wireless electronics in your home your computer might not be able to hear your router over the noise from other wireless devices. In order to silent the noise avois wireless electronics item that uses the 2.4 GHz frequency.

Replace the antenna
The antenna complete with your router is designed to be omni-directional, meaning they broadcast in all directions around the router. Well, if your router is near an outside wall half of the wireless signals will be sent outside your home and much of your routers power will be wasted. Meanwhile most routers don’t allow you to increase the power output, but you can make better use of the power. Therefore, it is suggested to upgrade to a high-gain antenna that focuses the wireless signals only one direction. In addition, if possible try to replace your computer’s wireless network adaptor to retain smooth functioning.Hope these tips will assist you fixing the issues that come in the way of Windows 7 Router.Well, if you confront any further issues on this subject make no hesitation to contact the fastest tech-assistance provider iYogi.

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