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Compatibility of Sony® Vegas with the Windows® 7 operating system

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windows 7 sony vegasAre you planning to install Sony Vegas on your Windows 7 system? Read on to know more about it.

Windows 7 is the latest and best operating system from Microsoft. This OS is far superior than previous Windows based operating systems in many ways. Windows 7 comes preloaded with many advanced features such as Windows Defender, Windows Search, Windows Aero etc. Windows 7 can be also installed with many compatible software/applications to improve the overall functioning of the OS. Sony Vegas is one such application that can be installed on the Windows 7. Sony Vegas is a professional Non Linear Editing system that can be used to edit audio and videos. This software can be used to import and edit movies/videos/ music and so on. Sony Vegas comes with many features such as 3D motion track compositing, plane intersection capabilities, special effects features, blue ray disk authoring, stereoscopic 3D tools etc. Sony Vegas is totally compatible with Windows 7 which means that users would not face any issues such as software clashes or conflicts when using the application.

Below mentioned details give users more information regarding tips to install Sony Vegas on Windows 7:

  • Run antivirus program
  • Create restore point
  • Install in safe mode

Run antivirus program
When installing Sony Vegas on Windows 7, users are advised to run the antivirus program installed on the system. This should be done so that if there are some malware within the system, they can be easily removed. Presence of malware at the time of installation of Sony Vegas might corrupt the application files being installed and cause many problems.

Create restore point
All Windows 7 users installing Sony Vegas are advised to create a restore point before starting with the installation. The restore point should be created as a precautionary measure so that even if some major issues do come up after the installation of Sony Vegas, such as blue screen errors or freeze problems, system can be easily restored back to ideal working state.

Install in safe mode
Windows 7 users installing Sony Vegas are advised to carry out the installation in the safe mode of the system. Installing in the safe mode ensures that problems such as application conflicts or subsequent errors would not come up. This is because when the Windows 7 OS is in the safe mode, system would be running on only basic services and no application would be in the background.

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