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How to speed up Remote Desktop Connections in Windows 7?

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If you need to hurriedly work on a computer in the office from home or vice versa, you need to have a speedy Remote Desktop Connection on your Windows 7-based PC.

Now, how to speed up the Remote Desktop Connection? Changing a few options before connecting can improve the connection speed. Remote Desktop, which lets you access another computer over the Internet just as if you were at the keyboard, can work faster if you speed up its connection.

Remote Desktop Connection is not enabled by default. So, to make changes in its settings, you will have to first enable it on your Windows 7-based PC. Now, you can set the changes to speed up Remote Desktop Connections. Here’s how:


  1. Click on the Start button.
  2. Type Remote Desktop Connection in the Start Search Box and then press Enter.
  3. In the Remote Desktop Connection window, click on the Options button.
  4. Select Display tab, slide the Display Configuration to a smaller size.
  5. Under Colors, select High Color (16 bit).
  6. Now click the Experience tab, uncheck all of the features to optimize performance.
  7. This would change the system’s display when you’re using Remote Desktop Connection but it will make it efficient and fast.
  8. Click on the General tab, select the computer you want to remote into and click Connect.


This is how you can set the changes to speed up Remote Desktop Connection on your Windows 7 PC. Wasn’t the process simple and convenient to follow and apply? You can also go through our video solution for any further help or query in relation to the above steps.

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