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windows defenderGet real-time protection for Windows with Windows Defender.


There is always a risk of downloading malicious program along with the the intended software.


With more scanning options and simpler notification, Windows 7 provides a line of defense. A newly added feature called “Clean System” in the operating system removes all the suspicious software and saves your computer from spyware or unwanted software, allowing your system to run smoothly without hampering its performance.

Windows Defender protects your system against security threat as it detects and removes the spyware from the computer. The Real-Time Protection feature of Windows Defender recommend action against spyware when detected and minimizes obstruction.

In a nutshell, following are the advantages of installing Windows 7 vis-a-vis security threat:

  • The operating system easily detects and remove unwanted programs that hampers the productivity.
  • If you have carelessly removed any program that can be easily retrieved with Windows Defender.
  • You can schedule your scanning as per your need with Windows 7.

Therefore, the OS offers you with improved Internet browsing safety and protection against latest  windows 7 security threats or other system related threats. The user can expect better safeguard from Windows Defender as it helps stop spyware before it permeates your computer. It doesn’t distracts you while working as it runs in the background and handles spyware. Anyone who uses Windows Defender can join a network to report to the Microsoft about latest identified spyware. The user can also have updates to counterbalance the newly downloaded spywares.

The Windows Defender option also allows the user to configure real-time protection options such as Auto Start, System Configuration, Internet Explorer Add-ons, Internet Explorer Downloads, Application Execution, Services and Drivers, application Registration and Windows Add-on. This feature integrates with Internet Explorer which enables files to be scanned when they are downloaded to make sure that no unwanted software are downloaded. The user can discover the potential vulnerabilities with Advanced Tool section.

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