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How to mount external drives on Windows 7

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Apart from the built-in features of a computer there are so many added features that you would want to access through your Windows 7 PC. You can do so by installing these features into your computer through a software or manually. They can help you enhance the performance and output of your system by supplementing a number of functionalities like added storage space, added security drives and much more. All you have to do is to configure these drives on your systems and you can enjoy the added features. Do ensure that these drives are formatted well in advance to avoid any loss of data or exposing your files to unwarranted viruses. These are pretty capable of even crashing down your system. So even if you want to enjoy the added features, do so with great care. Let us see how can you mount drives on a Windows 7 PC through some very easy steps.
1. Plug the external device into the computer. The device will register as USB storage or a Removable Hard Drive.
2. Click the Windows “Start” button and then click “Control Panel.” Click the “System & Maintenance” option.
3. Click the “Administrative Tools” option and then click “Computer Management”.
4. Type the password for the Administrator account and click “OK”.
5. Click “Storage” and then click “Disk Management”.
6. Right-click on the external drive entry and select “Change Drive Letter and Path”.
7. Click the “Add” button and then click “Mount in This NTFS Folder”.
8. Click “Browse” and navigate to an empty folder on the hard drive.
9. Click “OK” twice. The external drive is now mounted to a drive letter and/or folder you specified.

So, get going and enjoy a round of extended features.

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