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Windows® 7 Display Settings

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Windows 7 Display SettingsHow to change display settings for Windows 7 in multiple monitors?

The screen resolution settings determine what amount of information is displayed on the display screen. Whether you want to increase you desktop area or intend to show your desktop during a conference or presentation, remember you are not required to use the same display settings for each monitor you connect. Windows can automatically detect only one additional display. While if you connect two or more monitors, you need to manually designate the primary display, arrange your desktop and apply display settings like screen resolution and color depth. So the next moment, you connect these monitors, Windows automatically identifies the primary display and applies the settings as specified before additional display.

This article shows you how to change settings such as resolution and refresh rate to improve your screen display. Here are some tips to help you change the display settings for Windows 7 in multiple monitors:

  • Appearance & Personalization
  • Click the icon that corresponds to the monitor
  • Select screen resolution and color quality

Appearance & Personalization
You need to open the display settings by clicking the start button, Then click on ‘Control Panel’ followed by clicking on ‘Appearance and Personalization’ and then click on ‘Display’ settings.

Click the icon that corresponds to the monitor
To select or to choose the primary display on the monitor tab, click the icon that corresponds to the monitor, which you want to designate as the primary display. Then what you need to do is to select the ‘My main monitor check box’.

Select screen resolution and color quality
Finally you need to select the screen resolution and color quality for each monitor that you are using. Resolution determines the number of pixels across and down the screen that are used to make up the display. Remember the higher the setting the more detailed you display will appear. A higher resolution gives you the larger screen area to work with but if you find text and icons too small you need to use larger icons and font size to compensate.

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