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Windows® 7 Gadgets Not Working

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Windows 7 Gadgets Not Working

What are the tips to resolve gadgets issues in Windows 7?

Windows 7 has been loaded with some great gadgets that help in keeping up to date with weather, news, traffic and lot more. ‘Gadgets’ are a blend of information with pictures and games. Located at the right hand side of the desktop, the gadgets can be moved to any corner of the desktop.

Here we will talk about resolutions around Gadgets in Windows 7.



  • Windows 7gadgets not working when UAC is disabled
  • Windows 7gadgets disappeared
  • Windows 7gadget function not working

Windows 7 gadgets not working when UAC is disabled

Windows 7 gadgets have been put under user control access and therefore, if the UAC is off, the Windows gadget may not work. This has been primarily done to restrict users from downloading desktop gadgets which could make it prone to infection. To turn on the UAC and make it enabled and Windows gadget to work, click on start and in the search box type in ‘regedit’. The registry editor window would open, open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft \Windows\CurrentVersion\Sidebar\Settings. Right click on the right panel of the space and create a new DWORD with value of 32 bits, give it a name as ‘AllowElevatedProcess’ and set value as 1. Close the registry editor, right click on desktop and click on ‘Add gadgets’.

While operating on gadgets for few days and restarting the system for a number of times, often the gadgets disappear. If the gadgets do not appear even after selecting from the ‘Accessories’ window, then check for the UAC being on or not subsequently open the run window by pressing win and R key. Type in ‘%ProgramFiles%\Windows Sidebar\sidebar.exe /showGadgets’. However, if the command does not work, open control panel and all control panel items, programs and features and task pane. Then, add the option of turning on or off the Windows feature. From the window, select the Windows gadgets and turn it on by putting a check mark.

Windows 7 gadget function not working

After downloading webcam gadget from the Internet, the Windows 7 gadget stops working. In such a situation, try restoring to defaults, it does not help, Uninstall the webcam gadget and reboot the system. Make sure that ‘Show Gadget’ option is checked and the sidebar.exe process is running in Windows task manager. Stop the Windows gadget by going to ‘Start’, ‘Control Panel’, ‘Programs and Features’, ‘Taskpane and Windows features. Restart the system and try checking the gadgets again. Afterwards, check on the status of UAC controls, if it disabled, enable it and check the task manager window by pressing ‘Ctrl+Shift+Esc’ together. Check whether sidebar.exe is running or not and try opening gadgets from accessories window.

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    i have problem with gadget.. since 1 week my gadget can put but just blank not have options. example: clock have at 12′ but not have background n cannot klik options menu just can click “close” n right mouse click options on gadget not work..
    please help me…

    Christopher A Marchesi

    i just bought windows 7 recently and my desktop gadgets does not load it keeps saying its loading then it says it stopped working and nothing else happens this is covered under the warrenty correct!? please contact me in these matters thank you


      i just bought windows 7 recently and my desktop gadgets does not load it keeps saying its loading then it says it stopped working and nothing else happens this is covered under the warrenty correct!? please contact me in these matters thank you

      Follow the below mentioned article to fix the issue:

      Yes, your product should be under warranty. Please contact Microsoft for more details.

      All the best!!!
      iYogi – Good Karma!!!!

    suwanto copy

    Me too have the same problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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