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Learn how to install Windows® 7 Home Premium from ISO files

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windows 7 home premium isoGet tips to install Windows 7 Home Premium edition from ISO files. Also, learn about the advantages and disadvantages of using ISO files.

Windows 7 Home Premium has got many advanced features in comparison to other Operating Systems. An ISO file can be described as a single file which has an image of a CD-ROM. Windows 7 Home Premium ISO file can be downloaded from the Microsoft website. This ISO files can be burned into CDs and DVDs.

Following are the tips to install Home Premium from ISO files and also the advantages and disadvantages of ISO files:

  • Installing Windows 7 from ISO files
  • Advantages of ISO files
  • Disadvantages of ISO files

Installing Windows 7 from ISO files
In the first step you need to download the ISO file for Windows 7 Home Premium. This can be downloaded from the Microsoft website. The size of the ISO file will be more than 2 GB. After downloading it, you have to extract the file using WinRAR or any other file extracting software. After extracting the ISO file, you will be able to see a bunch of files and folders. Find the setup file and double click it and follow the installation instructions on the screen. You can also burn this ISO file in to a DVD and use it for installing the Operating System.

Advantages of ISO files
There are many advantages of using ISO file. The first advantage of using an ISO image as an installation media is that it increases the speed greatly. The ISO image can read at a speed which is 10 times faster than any of the best physical CD-ROM drives. An ISO image can not be scratched and broken unlike compact discs which are often misplaced or damaged. So no physical damage can be caused to ISO file. This file is also very easy to attach to the server or the virtual machine.

Disadvantages of ISO files
There might be issues with burning of ISO files to CDs, DVDs etc. You have to buy more CDs, DVDs etc. This might be costly. In that condition you have to take only few portions from ISO file and then burn to the CD. Since an ISO is a ‘archive’ or ‘container’ of file, you would need a program which could unzip them in the same way as you do with zip file. WinRAR is such software. You could be able to either extract those contents of the ISO file to your hard drive or you could take and choose which files you want. It is often seen that unzipping ISO files end up using double the hard disk space. This is because you have the files in the ISO itself that would be often hundreds of megabytes in size.

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