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Windows 7 Loader

Windows 7 Loader
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Windows 7 has gained a lot of success and popularity due to its advanced features and powerful technical specs. But, many a times, users use pirated software to install Windows 7 operating system on their computers. However, these kinds of Windows 7 copies are not genuine and are not activated by Microsoft. Users of such Windows 7 software are often notified by Microsoft that there OS is not genuine and that they should purchase a genuine copy of Windows 7 operating system.

However, Windows 7 Loader program illegally activates the non-genuine copy of Windows 7 on your computer. The software program has been released by hackers to cash the Windows 7 popularity.  Windows 7 loader has the capability to bypass all the default settings and carries out certain changes in the operating system so as to activate even the pirated Windows 7 copy.  Since it is not a genuine software, on the Internet, you will find many variations of Windows 7 Loader.

Some of the features of the Windows 7 Loader include:

  • It automatically discovers the active boot partition.
  • Windows 7 Loader can work on all language platforms.
  • It provides support to BIOS users.
  • It can work across different platforms of windows 7, including Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional, and Home Premium.
  • Windows 7 Loader works even with hidden partitions.

Consequences of using Windows 7 Loader on your computer

Even though Windows 7 Loader offers you an easy alternative to authentic and expensive Windows 7 operating software by activating the pirated copy, one should not forget that Windows 7 Loader is a fake software and can have adverse effects on your PC and valuable data stored in it.

Windows 7 Loader infects your computer with virus program that can have hazardous effects on your computer. Your system might stop responding to your commands or Windows 7 Loader can install spyware on your computer to steal your valuable data and confidential information. Also, since using Windows 7 Loader is non-ethical, Microsoft has full right to take legal action against you.

Thus, it is best to avoid Windows 7 Loader and instead buy genuine Windows 7 copy for effective system performance.




    Thats bullshit the windows 7 loader is a virus but it has to be to preform the required activation … I’ve been using it since last year so f&#k mirocsoft not like they’d notice the loss of income … haha



    I understand, and thank you for the information. So which is the safest loader to use to ensure that it works properly and does the least damage etc with maximum success.


    Ballmer Balls

    What a bunch of crap!

    First, the Windows 7 Loader comes with a MD5 hash checksum value that lets everyone else prove, verify and establish the code wasn’t tempered by anyone.

    Secondly, the program doesn’t touch Windows, it only adds a SLIC (Software Licensing Description Table) into your system before Windows boots, this is what fools Windows into thinking it’s genuine.

    and third, before Microsoft was in business, it was legal to build upon software code. Microsoft has made everyone into software pirates, and you think that was ethical?

    Who does that benefits, society or Bill Gates? IPR is just censorship to insure the rich who can afford 6000 patents get market protection.

    Linux is FREE, so why is Microsoft fighting a war against Linux? But to insure it’s own financial interest over society, so that nobody will use FREE anything.

    Windows 7 Loader is a result of unethical Microsoft values who pushed for censorship and promotes software patents.

    Wake up!

    Not Mickey Mouse

    Well put about the “Consequences of using Windows 7″, though if you take out the “Loader” word for the rest of the test too then it is even more accurate:

    Consequences of using Windows 7

    It may look cool at beginning but it is not the case with everybody. The Micro$oft Windows 7 may have some adverse effect on your PC and valuable data.

    Joke on joke, that is actually 100% true. Since it uses that bad joke of a file system NTFS.

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