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Windows® 7 Tips – Thunderbird® settings and e-mails


Thunderbird Windows 7Don’t lose your e-mails and settings on Thunderbird while migrating to Windows 7.

What is the issue?

You cannot upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7, meaning you need to reinstall your email client software after Windows 7 Installation.This will result in the loss of e-mails and settings on Thunderbird.

How to transfer Thunderbird settings and emails on a Windows 7 PC ?

Follow the steps to perform the task:

1. Open Thunderbird and Delete all the items from your Trash and Junk folders for each account you have in Thunderbird. This will reduce the size of the files and speed up the transfer.

2. Locate the Thunderbird profiles folder on XP computer. Usually in Document and Settings. (C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\)

3. Copy the files in a folder and transfer it to new computer with the help of network or any removable device.

4. Install the Thunderbird on computer running Windows 7 and copy all the data to its default folder.

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the fastest growing desktop email client software . Thunderbird offers many new features to help you manage your email account. With Thunderbird searching is fast. It’s easier to prioritize and find your important email. So run Thunderbird with Windows 7 and it will be a great fun.

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