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Windows® 7 Update Error

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Windows 7 Update ErrorWhat are the tips to resolve Windows 7 update error?
While installing updates in Windows 7, there are various errors that occur. In such a situation proper steps should be followed so that the error can be resolved and updates can be smoothly loaded.

Here we will talk about the tips to resolve update errors in Windows 7:
- Update error “80070422”
- Update error “80070002”
- Update error “80070103”
- Update error “80070422”

When downloading Windows 7 Updates, if the update error “80070422” appears then it requires few changes in the settings of updates. A built in troubleshooter which is sent along the Windows will troubleshoot the error and fix it. To open the troubleshooter, click on start, control panel and in the search field type in troubleshooter. Under troubleshooting, click on system and security and fix problems with Windows Update. If still unable to get the issue sorted out, click on start, control panel, administrative tools. Double click on services and the window would prompt for administrative password. Type in the password and find Windows Update, right click and click on properties, under general tab select the startup type automatic. If the service has been stopped, then click on start. Check out the updates and find out whether the issue persists or not.

Update error “80070002”
While installing updates from Internet if the window prompts with the error “80070002” than the temporary folder responsible for updates must be removed. To remove the temporary files, the first step is to go to services and stop the Windows Update service. Click on start, computer and select the hard disk to go the Windows folder, software distribution. Now double click on data store to open it. It would prompt for administrator username and password. Put in the password and delete all the files from the folder. Alternatively open the download folder from software distribution and delete all the files from downloads folder. Restart Windows Update service and download the updates.

Update error “80070103”
When installing drivers for the system, if you install a driver which is already installed or is of low compatibility, the error “80070103” would display. Try installing the update directly from the driver by going to the device manager window by right clicking on my computer, go to manager and computer management tool. Click on device manager and right click on the drive you wish to install driver for, click on update driver. Online help is also available on Microsoft Windows Solution Center to resolve the issue or be a part of discussions on Windows Update. If you wish to hide the update so that it never prompts in between, click on the (+) sign and click on don’t show this update again.

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