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USB Autorun in Microsoft® Windows® 7

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What is Autorun in Windows 7 and USB?

Whenever you insert a CD in the CD drive of the system, you will see an .exe program running automatically. This feature is known as autorun. If this feature does not open the files automatically, then this will give you a pop up window to enable the files. Autorun.inf is the main instruction file connected with the Autorun function. This is a text based file and this gives instructions to the user to start the files or to make use of some particular buttons. In other words this actually tells the Windows how to read the files from the CD or the USB that the user inserted in to the system.

Following are the details about the autorun feature in Windows 7 and USB:

  • Enable autorun in Windows 7
  • Disable autorun in Windows 7
  • Autorun in USB

Enable autorun in Windows 7

To enable autorun feature in Windows 7, you need to start with the Start button in the taskbar. In order to complete this task, you need to select the “All Control Panel Items” in the Control Panel option. Windows will show all items in the control panel and you need to select the Autoplay option. From there you can enable the autoplay option. By default the autoplay option will be in the “ON” state and you can adjust settings for each of the devices such as media player.

Disable autorun in Windows 7

The group policy method is effective to remove the autorun in the registry, which can be done by typing gpedit.msc in command prompt. The administrator power is necessary in this method and the user needs to enter the password. You can also see the Autoplay properties in the computer configuration. By selecting the “Disable” option in the auto play policies, you could disable the auto run in the system. You can also remove the associated registry entry to control the autorun behavior in the system.

Autorun in USB

If you need to enable autorun in USB, the USB must not be marked as a removable media. Instead, USB device must contain an Autorun.inf file and a startup application file. if this does not contain any such files, then that will be too difficult to add the .inf file in the USB. You can also use some types of software which do this task. This autorun feature in USB has the same effect as in the Windows 7.

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