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Windows 7: Use system restore without logging on

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By using the System Restore feature on your Windows 7 PC you can easily get your PC back to a position when it was running just fine. Typically, you would need to opt for the System Restore option if you realized that after updating your security solution for the PC, it has started displaying conflicts. Also, if after installing a driver or any other application on your Windows 7 PC, you notice that its performance has decreased considerably, you can opt to use this feature convincingly. However, if you had to do it without logging on to your PC, this is what you need to do:

1. Start the computer and tap the “F8” key immediately. This gets you to the ‘Advanced boot options’.
2. Choose “Repair your computer” and it will open the ‘System Recovery Options’ window.
3. Click “Next” and enter your login password and then click “OK”.
4. Select “System Restore” option and then follow the instructions appearing on your screen to complete the system restore process.
5. Click “Restart” and it will restart your computer.
6. Log on with your account and then click “Close” on the confirmation dialog box.


After your Windows 7 PC has been successfully restored you will notice that all conflicts and performance issues have been effectively dealt with. Restoring a Windows-based PC to its previous working condition can help you complete your tasks afresh.

To help you better comprehend the above mentioned solution steps, here is a short video that you can check out.

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